Our Food Offering - A quick Overview of What we do.


Just about all of the food served is pubmade on site. Exceptions being puff pastry, wild boar hotdogs and breads which we buy in from local suppliers. Our vegan range is supplied by Finnobrogue (Beet burger, Vegan sausage). We buy in Whity Whole Tail Scampi.


We make our own burgers, and all are 99% meat and 1% herbs spices and seasoning. 

We have three types of meat burgers. Chuck Steak, Real Ham (a mix of minced chuck steak and gammon mince), and our famous 10oz Trio Burger (equal measures of venison lamb and chuck steak mince)

We make all our own pies, Chicken and Mushroom, Lamb Hotpot, Ale and Steak.


Sunday Lunch

We put a huge effort into making our Sunday Lunches very special. Served with the following trimmings that you don't usually get elsewhere including Parsnip Puree, Cauliflower cheese, and depending o the season beetroot with red cabbage.

We use whole rump beef, which is seared and then cooked sous vide at 62c degrees for 18 hours to ensure its beautifully pink and tender.

Lamb Shanks are cooked i a similar way but at higher temperature so that the meat falls off the bone.

The Chicken Breast Supreme cut  is poached in traditional still cider and the roasted.

The Nut Roast is a secret recipe, and yes it does contan nuts!


We pride ourselves on massive yorkshire puddings, creamy mash, beef dripping roast potatoes and real gravy.


Our aim is to provide excellent pub food at a reasonable price.


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